What is PDR?
PDR stands for “PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR”. PDR Technology allows you to get your dents repaired without repainting or refinishing. No painting or filling is needed, and the majority of jobs can be done in about an hour! Whether you have small or large dents, hail damage, shopping cart damage, creases, etc., we can fix’em all without any need for repainting or refinishing.

Unlike the traditional body filling technique, this technology, massages the metal, from the inside of the damaged panel, removing the dings step by step. The repair is unnoticeable, and it restores your car to its original factory finish! We’ve done thousands of PDRs and have naturally become the leading PDR specialists in the Triangle area. If you need PDR and are looking for experts on the Triangle area, call us!

PDR Benefits

Low Cost: For less than half the price in a body shop!

Paint Free: The original, factory finish is restored

Quick and Efficient: These repairs can be done in about an hour and not days!

Environment Friendly: PDR is chemical free and green!

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